Here is my trip report for the Hammers.

    We went I broke we came home. It was just about that short. Russ, Kay, Crazy Joe, Mike, Donna, And Jeff and I with Marlin as tail gunner went to Outer Limits Joe started off leading our group after a couple of hard spots he went right around a hard spot I went left now I was leading went aprox a 1/2 mile in a squeeze my second attempt I twisted the out put of the transfer case off inside the T-Case while doing that a rock about 18" in diameter ended up wedged between my gas tank and the right rear tire splitting my gas tank. About a 3" split. I got under the Jeep removed the drive shaft and Russ winched me back and around so I could get turned around. We waited for several rigs to pass and break and get repaired. Then we headed down Mike K pulling me Russ and Joe bringing up the rear. Mike and I made it down with no problems while at the bottom waiting for Russ and Joe another Jeep stopped and said I see you broke your front Axle Shaft I said no I split the out put shaft he said and the front Axle Shaft and he was correct. The next day Mike said he broke something thinking it was a ball joint was not sure as of then.

At the raffle you only got the ticket in your registration. I won a Detroit Locker for a Toyota. Russ and Kaye won a K40 CB antenna and some videos. We decided we are not hard core any more 90% of the rigs that were there were buggies or chopped Toyotas to where there were no bodies left. The music was way to loud and way to young for me and even Jeff. But all in all we had a great time but I will not go back for a long time.

Rod Brown