Piute Mtn. Snow Run

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We all made it home safely..........what an adventure.  

It did get late, we were on the side of the mountain airing up at 10:00 pm and I got home about midnight. We had no breakdowns, thankfully, just a lot of stucks and blown beads. The side road we went down had real deep snow, and it was dark before we got everyone (10 rigs) down to a place were we could turn around.......then we had to go back up where people had so much trouble getting down. We grouped the rigs together in two's and three's, and strapped and winched our way back up.

Gene and Bill were with R.W. in the F150, and they couldn't get down to Kelso Valley, so they had to turn around and come back up. Someone had run a dozer down the road and so there were banks on either side that were exactly the right (wrong) width that it kept blowing a bead on the F150. They have their own story to tell about that. When we got back to the main road, they were on the way back up, so we waited at least a half hour for them to get to us, then we all headed back up to the top and down the other side back to Twin Oaks. By this time it was cold and the snow was icing up, and since they had put more air in the tires on the F150 he was having trouble. Joe, Gene, and Bill all strapped together and pulled the F150 all the way out.

Other than being late and long, it was a great day of wheeling.


I See Snow!

Line'em up!

Jessica's about the only one who didn't get stuck!

Smooth Sailing

What's up!

see ya!

Start of the stucks!

still stuck

I think I'm stuck!

Yep, I'm stuck!

Those who didn't come were stuck in the fog below.

The fore mentioned Ford.

Still having a good time...

How deep is it?


Where's the leader At?... Oh, I'm the leader...

Snow Soup!

By the time the tail end got to the turn around point, it was so tore up, you would get stuck fast.

Yes, the lens cap is off.

Richard, and me... working our way up.

UFO?... or Jeep Lights?