Trip Report By Jon Aichele

(SAT, June 15 2002)"We met at Jack-In-The Box at HWY. 58 and Weedpatch where 12 adults and one child left at 7:30 AM.  We arrived at the cabin about 9:00, and started removing boards from the center cabin.  There was a lot more wood than it looked like. we filled Joe Stockers car trailer with all he wanted to haul and stacked the rest on Ken Lollich's work truck.  We had the cabin down by 11:00 AM except for the floor which took about another 30 minuets to get loaded.  We took a lunch brake for about a 1/2 hour, then hauled the wood to Joe's on Back Canyon Road and unloaded it.  We had a good trip with no problems and were home by around 3:30 PM. "