Granite Dunes





Coyote Lake

Pics courtesy Brian Lollich &  Ron Scharp

Trip Report By Ron Scharp

    Richard took us on a magnificent run. Night run in.1day off & on beautiful rain to settle the dust. Very few mosquitoes. Temperature was mild. No major problem. Caught a few fish. Saw some great country. For those that stayed away because they thought bugs were going to be a problem, missed out. It was all Green and Clean. Cindy and I had a wonderful time. Laughs and Jokes were in abundant supply. The grilled salmon and sirloins were mighty tasty. Our new member (Mike) and his wife (Donna) brought their new Trailblazer pups. Those in attendance on this trip: Richard, Jim and son Lollich, Ron and Cindy, Mike and Joanna, Jim and Laura. see y'all next time


Ken Climbing
Red Lake Red Lake Trail
Richard Gauthier