Ducy 05

Another great trip to the Ducy! A couple of us got to Cartwright at about 10:30 pm on Wednesday and decided just to head on in. We made it to the meadow are at around 2am without much problem. Ron and Joe were already there, and Jon and Jess came in Thursday afternoon. The weather was great, and so was the fishing. We headed up Thompson Saturday and it was rough going, but we made it ok.



Ducy 04

Ducy was a great trip. Thank to Jim for allowing as many rigs go as he did. The food was great, and the company was better. Special thanks to Liz Holley for introducing us to the game of "Butt Darts" Who knew Joe Stocker was so good? (I bet he practices!)

The weather was perfect, and just about everyone made it without a problem... except for Crazy Joe... the 5 TONS of weight on his axles finally caught up to him!