Freeway Ridge



It was a Great time. We had 5 rigs and hit really wet
snow. The first tough spot sure is getting tougher,
and it did so even more with Greg "Buckle up I want to
try something" Hillier messing around.
He pushed a
nice sized boulder right in the middle of the trail.


As I tried to squeeze by it, I rubbed my Rear driver side wheel on that boulder and ripped my valve stem.


Jess got a wild ride on it and ended up facing the mountain.


Wayne winched him up and we were good to go.

We had to winch one rig a couple times, Street tires & WET snow don't mix... but it made the trip more fun!


Jess had a bad hub

 and I lost a bead... well
two... ok, Four! and the only tire I didn't lose a
bead on I cut the Valve Stem... Good times!
We went as far as we could, then turned around and
drove back down. No other problems, and it was pretty
warm up there. The ruts are very deep, and Tami & I
picked up a TON of Trash (Mostly Beer Cans).
There is a lot of work to be done on that trail!

We got home around six. Was a great time... Anyone got
some bead locks they want to get rid of?


Thanks to Jason Price for sending me some of these pics.