Last Chance Canyon

        02-2006             4-30-05      09-28-02


We had about 20 rigs and perfect weather. There was an unusually high amount of carnage, most being caused by

"The Squeeze". Multiple people fell down in it. From the lunch spot we broke off into two different groups. The group I was in whent in search of more fun on the way out. We found a nice little wash, where Crazy Jeo managed to break out his rear window. All that followed wisely went around the tight obsticle. Here are some pics from the day.




Last Chance was a great time. We had around 12 rigs. There were a couple of new people on this run, and we met some new people at the trail entrance that were from Simi-Valley. They had stock vehicles, and tagged along though out the trail. I hope we can meet up with them again sometime.

A little into the trail, Randy lost a strap on the front Driveshaft to tranfercase yoke. He got some new straps and a new u-joint put in in about an hour. We cruised through the trail pretty easily and had lunch at the Tunnel. It was a great time.