Overland Trails Trip Report  (BY: Bryan Lollich)


The Memorial Day Weekend wouldn't be right without a Bakersfield Trailblazer 4X4 run.  Gene and Gerri, Randy and Sandy, and Bryan and Kristin (who had a motorhome, but no Jeep) all met at the Jack in the Box on 7th Standard at 6:00pm Friday.  We all got a quick bite to eat and checked out Gene's new "Jeep Cam" then followed Randy and Sandy up to the Overland Trails Poker Run.  Staying with tradition we took a wrong turn in Prather and ended up near Clovis, before heading back up the hill, and taking the correct Alberry road turnoff.  We arrived at camp around 11pm, were Crazy Joe, Rod and Dawnett had kept the fire burning (thanks for leaving the light on).  We camped at the ol horse corral, just aways up the road from the famous swimmin hole.

Satuday was "Jeep Olympics" day.  Randy, Gene, Rod and Dawnett all headed up to represent the Trailblazers in the games, while the Kristin and Sandy stayed back at camp and "vacationed".  Gene and Gerri played a few rounds of the egg race, and they did very well.  Gene and Randy also ran the can-can race a few times.  Rod and Dawnett took home 1st place and a nice plaque for winning the can-can race with a time of 43 seconds.  Way to go! 


Sunday morning we got in line for the Poker Run at 7am.  Randy was the trip leader, and the rest of us followed him.  Our fearless leader made all the right turns, even when the Y's in the trail weren't marked.  But eventually our luck ran out, we lost Gene due to axle failure on $5 Hill.  Then, in staying with tradition, we made a wrong turn.  The wrong turn took us back to camp, and we were done with the run by 8am.  WOW we can't be done already!  We informed the trail crew that the run was not marked in a few spots, and one of the crew hitched a ride with Crazy Joe and we headed back up the trail.....in the wrong direction of course.  When we got to the spot were we had made the wrong turn, oops....the trail crew forgot to mark.  We marked the trail so nobody else would make the same mistake, and then headed up the correct path.  This added about 2 hours to the run and some awesome views. 


Sunday night was the raffle and to sum it up.......Rod came out of the raffle with a brand new Warn 8000lb winch and a cordless drill.


Overland Trails was a fun little run, and a weekend well spent.