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Lockwood- Miller 5-14-11


Nightmare Canyon Trip Report & pics 1/20/2010


Freeway Ridge Run.

Ric Beaudion Writes:

It was a fun run and Greg did a good job. The weather as great and
there were some fun challenges, especially for a first timer.
My Pictures can be found at:    http://bodie. smugmug.com/ events


Greg Engle Writes:

 Well, it was a nice small group of 7 (I think) rigs. Perfect weather and
zero traffic on the trail. We only had one difficult spot just before the
summit. Very lose and deep powder. Nothing that a little winch work couldn't
cure.Pictures are at http://gerg. smugmug.com/ gallery/1876394/ 1





Last Chance Feb 2006. View Pics


Freeway Ridge Run on 3-26-06 was fun. Check it out here!


Calico 2005/2006. Celebrating  the New Year with a blast!   

Sponsored by        Pictures



View a ton of Moab Pics Here


Check out our Ducy Run!


Richard G. lead a SNOW run to Piute Mtn. on Sunday

Jan. 16th. When he leads a snow, run he leads a SNOW run!

Trip Report & Photo Gallery Here


A couple Rod, Russ & I met at TDS sent me some great pics of TDS... Take a look! TDS 2005... Check it out! Trip Report Added 3/14/05


The Glenville parade and BBQ at Randy's house was a great time. The Rock course that Randy has

set up in his front yard is  very cool, Check it out.


Trip of the Month To Last Chance Canyon (new pics added) Was a great time. We had about 12 rigs and met some great new people. The weather was great, and Jon led a great time. I finally got to see the Burrow Schmidt Tunnel. Very interesting.


Read Rod's Trip Report for "The Hammers"


Camp Jeep was a Success. Read Judy's report Here Pics Added 8/30/04


Dusy/Irshim: Report and pics HERE


All who went on the Rubicon Run had a great time. Check it out!


Calico 2003-2004 Run WAS GREAT!!! A Special Thanks to the Sponsors!

Check them out here. Calico Sponsors


Toys 4 Tots Run was a great success! Judy put together a great

picture album... Check it out! Click Here



Moonlight MADNESS! Need I Say More? Check It Out!



Keyesville Black Gulch SUV Run --  June 19, 2004

      Pics of the run  

 The Bakersfield Californian Write-up  

Thanks to all who helped on the Sherman "Work Run"

Take a look at some pics here.


Trip Report: Overland Trails Area Here.


Dusy Pictures!  Click Here!


A lot of people had a lot of fun on the Miller/ Lockwood trail.

Trip Leader.... Randy "I didn't see that Boulder" Billings did a great job

leading this run. Check it out here


WOW!!! Check out Sherman Trail HERE.

More Sherman Pics Added 7/14/03!!!


Check out TRAIL DAYS 2003 Click Here.

Swamp Lake 2003

Rubicon 2002

Overland Trail

Cabin Work Day

Pic-Nick 2002

Adopt-A-Trail Work Day 2002

Snow Run 2/17/02


Stone Cyn. 2001

Clear Creek 2001

Sierra Trek 2001

Coyote Lake 2001

California Trail Days 2001

Santiago's Shred Fest 2001