On March 9th, 2002, a couple of Trailblazers Went to repair a trail that we maintain under the adopt a trail program. Erosion had caused a pretty big rut to form. To combat the erosion we moved *about 6 Tons of rock from the Lake Isabella area in Kens truck and BLM Trailers to the Trail. The Weather was perfect for this and we had a pretty good time. Members that showed to help include Ken Lollich, Jim Statton, Joe Stocker, Jon Aichele, and Myself (Jeremy Rowell) Joe Brought his Brother in-law (I think that's what he said, and I Didn't catch his name) and of course there was the BLM Ranger Dave and his co-worker who I can't remember her name. It was a great time and the trail looks nice, but I can't really type much more about it because my arms are about ready to fall off! Enjoy the Pics.