July 14th-18th

We got to the trail head around 1pm on Thursday afternoon. We had 5 Rigs... Myself & Tami, Crazy Joe, Dawnett & Teri & Kids, Donnie & Kids, and Ron & Cindy. We headed to spider lake and about  a half hour from the lake 4 atvs carrying sheriffs rolled up and let us know that spider lake was closed due to FECAL CONTAMINATION!!!! YUCK! Sooo, we drove right by Spider Lake and camped about a half hour down the road. On the way there we came across a Toyota and a jeep. the jeep was DEAD on a uphill and the Toyota turned around and tried to pull him up from the top. As soon as he put it in REV... POP Broke nasty in the front. Joe pulled him down  and we went on to camp. It was a dry camp... but it was still fun. We had diner and let the kids set up our new portable potty! It worked great, but there was one problem... it didn't come with someone to clean it up! But it was very convenient. We finally called it a night.

The next morning we headed out to Rubicon Springs. We made good time and only slowed down for a jeep that passed us with a trailer. about 5 min later we caught him as his trailer overturned. We turned it back upright and headed on. We made the springs around two, set up camp in the same place as 2 years ago. Did a little swimming and relaxed. Had a nice dinner and called it a night.

Sat. morning we made our getaway and got out around 3pm. As soon as we hit the blacktop Ron realized something was wrong with his steering. After a closer look, Broken bolt on his box. Got it fixed around 5 and headed for the Ice House. Joe threw on 4 Tri Tips and followed it up with some cobbler. we ate good

Got up around 7am on Sunday and headed home. This was my First time Driving the Rubicon, and my first time Leading a run. It was a blast, and I just have to mention That My Wife Tami Spotted me through the whole trail! She did a great job, and only got me stuck once! (I got stuck another time, but she was riding and I slipped off a rock and Hi-c'd) Also, Thanks to Dawnett for doing all the cooking, and Joe for throwing the tri-tips on the fire.

It was a fun Run and I hope we do it again next year! Enjoy the pics courtesy of Dawnett.