The Bakersfield Trailblazers





What an awesome time we had at Santiago's Shred Fest. Members in attendance were Russ & Kay, Ken & Judy and Family, Rod & Lynn, Jim Stayton, Dawnett & Rob, and Myself. Russ went on the (not so) easy run and Dawnett and Rod & Ken drove The hard run. Jim spent the day spotting. Ken had his son & grandson with him and as you can see here to the right, Ethan was very eager. I rode with Dawnett so most of the pics will depict that. About 30 Feet into the run we hade are only major problem, as Dawnett broke her (2 week old) rear driver axle. It took us about an hour to change it out and we were on our way. We got thru the rest of the trail without any other problems. That night we had the BEST potluck I have ever attended. Thanks again to Jim Stayton for providing some of the best meat I have ever tasted, And thanks to everyone who pitched in on this great meal. I am sure all of the other groups who paid the fifteen bucks could smell our dinner and were jealous. We also had a great night at the raffle as every body in our club that purchased tickets won. I believe Rod and Lynn won 3 times! Even Ken's grandson won in the kids raffle! The next morning all of our attending club went on a short steep run. Half way up we found out that Russ had some broken motor mounts that caused his clutch assembly to pull apart. Jim and Rod fixed that and we continued to the top. It was an awesome weekend and I look forward to it next year. And lastly, I would like to wish Russ Warshaw a happy 50th birthday.