Snow Run

Trip Report 02/17/02

Trip Leader: Jon Aichele

Report By: Jon Aichele


My Granddaughter and I arrived at Jack In The Box.  At 7:50 at 8:10 Gene Weslow arrived and said he would not be able to go, as they had company coming to visit.  8:20 John & Debbie Blythe arrived, We were the only ones to show up, John wanted to try out the jeep he bought from Helen Conaway, so the two of us went.  We found some snow about Joe's place and made it about 2 or 3 more miles where the tracks ended.  I got stuck and could not move, John learned how to use a snatch strap.  We decided if we went back about 25 feet it would be easy to turn around.  After pulling John out about 4 or 5 times I managed to turn around and back up enough for John to turn around, John made it through the soft spot I did not, I did not have enough speed in low range, so I got strapped again.  After getting back on solid footing we let Ashley ride on her sleduntil she got cold enough to quit.  After Airing up at the bottom, we decided to go the other way and stop at Whisky Flat Days.  Even with a light rain there were quiet a few people there.  I think we both had a good time and were home by five.  Jon (Aichele)